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Survivors and Descendants

- Bataan survivors and family members of survivors (spouse, grandchild, sister, brother) are the only individuals allowed to sell their books / Bataan Memorabilia. 

-The Protocol Office will email, or mail hard copy invitations (if no email address exists) in early February.  It will include an attachment with the entire weekend of activities.  For more information, please call the Protocol Office at (575)678-1038 or Cindy’s cell (575)640-0860.

-Lodging information for Survivors; please call Protocol Office (575)678-1038.  Lodging is very limited.  MWR will pay for one night’s lodging for each Bataan Survivor.

-Sierra Chapel Catholic Community will have the Bataan Death March 2014

Commemoration Masses:

Saturday: 22 March, 5 pm (Sunday Vigil Mass with Bishop Neal Buckon)

Sunday: 23 March, 9:30 am (Sunday Mass with Rev. Gan Nguyen, CSsR)

-On Friday there is a Survivor/Descendent Welcome Reception at the Frontier Club, 3:00-5:00 PM.   Call Protocol (Cindy) if attending.  (575)678-1038

-On Friday, 21 March, Free movie, “Forgotten Soldiers,” can be viewed at 7 pm at Post Theater, Bldg 254.

- Survivors can visit with all the marchers picking up their registration packets and some of the other survivors and descendents selling their books at the Youth Center, Bldg 1318, on Friday and Saturday between 9 AM-9 PM. NOTE:  this is a location change from last year.

-On Saturday, at the Post Theater, Bldg 254, there will be a seminar at 2PM followed by some survivors sharing their stories at the PDC, Bldg 465, across the street.  All are welcome to participate/attend.  There is a room with lots of snacks, goodies and drinks for you to relax, too!   On Saturday night, pasta dinner will be served at the Frontier Club, Bldg 1330, 4:30-8PM for $12.00

-Survivors should be in their seats for the opening ceremony by 6:10AM (Ceremony start time is 6:30AM hours) at the Soccer Field (next to Bldg 1316, Goddard Ave).  If you are in IHG Lodging, van(s) will be there to pick you up at 5:45AM. Van(s) departs at 6AM hours sharp.  Following the ceremony, the van(s) will take you to the Frontier Club for breakfast or back to your room.

-Survivors will receive a t-shirt, dog tag, Bataan brochure, and two free tickets to the Survivor breakfast on Sunday. Breakfast follows the opening ceremony (7:30-9AM) at the Frontier Club. Frontier Club does not open until 7:30AM; it will only open for the Bataan Survivors and family at 6:15AM. Breakfast cost for all others is $9.95.

- Following the breakfast, The Survivors will have a hospitality room in the Frontier Club (Corral Lounge) from 9AM-3PM.  Survivors can come and go as they please.  There will be a group photo taken at 10AM following the breakfast.  During the day, survivors will be transported to a water point and/or the finish line by the Protocol volunteer staff so you can greet marchers as they come through.

-For any survivors at the finish line, please be very careful and stay in your seats. The marchers sometimes run in very fast.  We do not want anyone to get injured.  Please stay back by the water point when you greet the marchers at the finish line.

The Recognition/Awards/ Closing Ceremony is at 3PM across from the Frontier Club.

-Any Survivors needing more information on the weekend events can check the website under EVENTS.  This site is updated periodically.


-Any information on meeting or gatherings contact Gerry Schurtz at (575) 644-3939  or email