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Marchers and viewers attending the Bataan Memorial Death March should be prepared for increased security and possible delays prior to the event.

Motorists are asked to have their vehicle pass prominently displayed in their windshield and to have their IDs ready when they are entering the post. Passengers must also have their IDs ready. Personnel who do not have a picture ID will experience lengthy delays outside the gate while their information is completely checked. Motorists should not be surprised if they or their vehicle(s) are searched. "Everyone is subject to search." Marchers should plan on arriving at the gates no later than 4:30 a.m. Motorists coming in from the El Paso gate are asked not to come in after 4:45 a.m., or they will run the risk of being stuck in traffic. Martin Luther King Avenue will be closed to all traffic at 5:30 a.m.

Except for emergency vehicles, the Las Cruces gate will be closed to outbound range traffic between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. on the day of the march. Motorists should make arrangements to avoid being delayed on post during these hours.

Marchers will receive their vehicle visitor’s pass during online registration or a week prior to the event. It is important that the pass not be displayed should marchers leave the installation. The pass should be put away in a safe place until they return to post to help prevent participants from experiencing loss of the pass or becoming a possible target of any type. When entering the installation, please have your pass prominently displayed for security personnel.

There will be several law enforcement agencies that will be supporting this year’s event. The agencies will be assigned to zones along the March Route and around the venue area. All unattended packs are subject to search, therefore, we request that all participants maintain positive control of any items and packs brought on the installation.

Bataan visitors/participants outside of the local area traveling with concealed weapons permits or weapons brought in their vehicle during travel may enter White Sands Missile Range if they register the weapons and comply with New Mexico law and White Sands Missile Range procedures regarding transportation and storage requirements. Participants with concealed weapons permits are encouraged to pre-register weapons with Law Enforcement Division, Directorate of Emergency Services. Pre-registration is the preferred method of registration due to the anticipated large numbers of participants. Registration forms and information may be requested from Department of the Army, White Sands Missile Range, Attn: Directorate of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Division, Police Records and Administration (Phyllis Quintana), 427 Aberdeen, White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002 or at the Las Cruces Gate Reception Center.  Police Records point of contact information is Phyllis Quintana, 575-678-7675, or ."   All weapons must be declared and registration paperwork presented to the police manning the Access Control Points at Stallion Range Center or Tularosa before entry to the Trinity site is allowed.  Weapons that are declared at any of the White Sands Missile range access control point locations and are not registered will not be allowed on White Sands Missile Range until the person and weapon(s) are checked through NCIC and properly registered. This is the least preferred method of registration due to the anticipated large numbers of personnel attempting to gain entry to the installation through these access control points.


All weapons must be registered with the Directorate of Emergency Services upon arrival, and must be secured in a locked safe in the billeting room, or stored / transported in the owner's vehicle IAW the requirements listed



Transportation of Privately-owned Firearms. Privately-owned firearms which are transported in a vehicle on WSMR must be unloaded and placed into a compartment of the vehicle that is inaccessible to the driver and passengers of the vehicle. Ammunition for the firearms must be transported in a compartment or area separate from the weapon.  Exception:  If no such "inaccessible" area exists, such as in a pickup truck, sport utility vehicle, or van, the firearms will be unloaded and transported in the passenger compartment, out of sight, with ammunition in a separate area of the vehicle.


All privately-owned firearms which are brought onto the WSMR installation must be registered with the Directorate of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Division, preferably through the pre-registration method. Normal weapons registration can be accomplished at the Visitor Reception Center located at the Las Cruces Gate or at the WSMR Police Station at 427 Aberdeen.  Weapons that are not registered and declared at the access control points will require the owner to declare the weapon to the police /guard personnel who will conduct NCIC checks and registration prior to entry. This is the least preferred method.


Privately-owned firearms must be declared at the access control points and transported in accordance with New Mexico State laws when off WSMR, and in accordance with Federal and State laws and this regulation when on WSMR. Weapons may not be loaded while on WSMR.