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Must Know Information

No On-site Registration!

Any changes to registration can ONLY be done during in-processing on 20 or 21 March 2015.

Refunds will NOT be authorized once registered.
ALL Marchers (
Individuals, teams & honorary) receive T-shirt, commemorative dog tag, certificate of participation, Bataan Memorial Death March timing chip (the timing chip is yours to keep as a souvenir - you do not have to turn it in at the end of the race),  drawstring sports bag and post event meal.

No packet pick up the day of the march. You will receive ONLY a chip and bib. If you do not have this chip or a bib you can NOT do the march. If you do not have a bib you will be removed from the course by security.

You can NOT start the course if you arrive late. Be sure you are in the line up for the opening ceremony at 6:35 a.m., NO EXCEPTIONS for late starters.

Are you a member of a team? Have a friend you want to keep in touch with? Have your teammate's cell phone numbers if you want to track them on the route. The March Officials only track medical emergencies and DQs for official purposes.

When you
arrive at White Sands Missile Range please allow extra time while at the gate because of security procedures.  All vehicles are subject to search.  Be prepared to show photo identification, vehicle registration and proof of insurance (or rental car contract).  We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

**Want to avoid Saturday's lines?  Pick your packet up on Friday instead!**
Friday, March 20, 2015, 9 a.m.- 9 p.m.
Saturday, March 21, 2015, 9 a.m.- 9 p.m.
Youth Services (Bldg. 1318)

Individual marchers and teams (the team captain or a representative) must in-process and pick up their packet (which includes timing chip, bib number, T-shirt, dog tag, certificate and drawstring sports bag) at the Youth Services (Bldg 1318) on Friday or Saturday. 

REGISTRATION CHANGE FEES (Changes may ONLY be made during in-processing/packet pick up on Friday, 20 March or Saturday, 21 March.  All fees must be paid at that time):

There will be a $50.00 change fee for any change made to any registration.  This includes:

-  Change to Team Members

-  Tranfer of a bib number from one individual to another.  This also requires a confirmation number

-  Converting a team to 5 individuals (change fee applies to each individual)

-  Switching from one category to another.  Also switching from full to honorary and vice versa.

- Changing an Individual registration into a Team registration will not be accepted at in-processing.  In the event that you have registered individually and would like to form a team instead, you must forfeit your individual registration and re-register your team.  You will NOT receive a refund for the individual registration and must also pay the team registration fee.  THIS MAY ONLY BE DONE PRIOR TO THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE OF MIDNIGHT (MST) ON 10 MARCH 2015. 

-  You may pick up a packet for another marcher, but be sure you know their category and age division.  Please also bring their confirmation number if possible.

Back by popular demand! Since this was such a success last year, during this year's Death March, show your unit's participation and pride. Bring your unit's coin and have it displayed throughout this year's in-processing. Coins will be displayed on a special made coin rack. After Bataan, the coins and coin rack will be moved to the White Sands Museum to be displayed in their special Bataan Memorial Death March section.

Youth Services Soccer Field (next to Bldg. 1318).  Finish Line will be located at the Frontier Club (Bldg. 1330, Martin Luther King Blvd).

No registration or packet pick-up on march day!

- Plan on arriving at White Sands Missile Range by 5:00 a.m.

- It will be DARK when you arrive - consider packing a pen-light for the early morning hours.

- Marchers must report to the start area by 6:00 a.m.

- Opening ceremony is at 6:35 a.m.

The march starts at 7 a.m. with marchers in the following order:(subject to change)
1. Wounded Warrior Soldiers
2. Civilian Individual Light, Civilian Team Light
3. Military Individual Light, Military Team Light, ROTC Team Light, JROTC Light, Military Coed Light 
4. Civilain Team Heavy, Civilian Individual Heavy
5.Military Team Heavy, Military Idvidual Heavy, National Guard Team Heavy, ROTC Heavy, Military Co-Ed Heavy

6. Honorary March Participants

*It is suggested that marchers in the heavy categories leave their backpacks and rucksacks off until 10 minutes prior to departure as they will be the last out.

- Any individual on the course without a bib will be removed.  You must have a bib and timing chip to participate.

Weight For Your Backpack (Heavy Division):
For the heavy category please consider bringing beans, rice, nonperishable items, cans, macaroni, pasta, etc. to use as weight in you backpack. At the conclusion for the march, you can drop your items in the food bin, located at the finish line, and it will be donated to Roadrunner Food Bank. Last year brought in nearly 21,000 lbs of non-perishable food items! It is our hope that the individuals that will be packing heavy will consider packing non-perishable food items once again in an effort to increase the total donated from last year.  One tip from previous years, please don’t open bags of food and put those items into your own zip lock bags, unfortunately items donated without their original wrapping or completely encased in duct tape cannot be reused, ingredient labels must be present.

Roadrunner Food Bank is the largest Food Bank in New Mexico and with food donations from food drives such as the Bataan Memorial Death March, Roadrunner is able to  provide food to the six counties we serve in Southern New Mexico out of the Las Cruces Branch.

In Southern New Mexico, Roadrunner Food Bank provides over 400,000 pounds of food each month to churches, food pantries, homeless shelters, group homes and victims of domestic violence. In addition, Roadrunner supplies food to individuals facing an emergency crisis, such as fire, loss of employment, victims of violent crimes or any natural disaster. Those of you traveling, who are authorized commisary privileges can purchase these items at the White Sands Commissary or local grocery store once you arrive.  Save on packing extra weight in your suitcases.

Medals are awarded to first and second place in each category of each division of the 26.2-mile course. No awards are given for the 14.2-mile honorary course.

Medals will be awarded to the Overall 1st and 2nd place finishers for male and female, National Guard travelling trophy and ROTC (if times are available).  All other medals will be mailed to individuals and teams after MWR has verified all times per category.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

For the day of the event only, Sunday, 22 March 2015, photography will be allowed along the Bataan Memorial Death March route (participants, workers, volunteers and news media).  Additionally, participants may take photos in the main cantonment area throughout the weekend for all Bataan Memorial Death March activities.